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Dear diary, the game I is called "Chucks Challenge 3D".


Chucks Challenge 3D

You're Chuck, just a guy sitting on a beach in long pants enjoying a drink when you're teleported away by aliens. They need your help. And guidance.

Your job is to guide an alien called Woop to the exit through a maze of sorts. Often this means pushing crates around and not falling victem to traps.

The game has a 3d aesthetic but is really just a top-down crate pushing puzzle game. The puzzles are okay though, the story line is just a crutch. As is the 3d.

Apart from the main character moving sliiightly faster then I prefer the game feels pretty solid. The levels seem well designed though that last level... well let's say I'm happy to skip it.

Verdict: While the originality factor is quite low, the implementation feels solid. The puzzles are nice and challenging and the game looks nice.

Familiarity: Never met Woop before.

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