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Dear diary, the game I is called "Bleed".



You're a girl with a gun and a rocket launcher. Eh, go get 'em!

Bleed is a fairly straightforward platform game. To be honest it semes to have no real gimmicks. No trove of secrets (though achievements claim of a few) and fairly straightforward gameplay mechanics. I did have a hard time with the boost, especially controlling its direction.

In the playthrough I struggled to use the weapons I bought. Turns out you have to pause the game and swap out gear there. So there's that.

Verdict: I was looking forward to playing this game. If you like platformers it's a fine game. It's not perfect, has no real original traits, and some mechanics it has may be questional. Yet it's a full working platformer, and a pretty one at that.

Familiarity: Had not played this game yet. Don't think I'll be seeing the purple haired girl to the end.