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Dear diary, the game I is called "A Wizard's Lizard".


A Wizard's Lizard

You are a wizard's lizard and your master has been taken hostage by death. No biggie, you just have to save him and beat some enemy troops. Easy!

Basically you're fighting enemies with random weapons and random items. You have a main weapon, a "totem" weapon as secundary, and a "soul" attack which you can only use very sparsely.

The level setup is quite static though individual levels are randomly generated, albeit with templates. The game sports some secrets but they seem to be guaranteed to exist at fixed levels.

There is a meta upgrading system where you can unlock blue scrolls and free npcs to start with money to buy a custom load-out before the game starts. This makes the game a bit harder at start but easier as you go along.

It would be great if this game got a huge DLC upgrade which excavates some of the level mechanics, introduces a whole bunch of new items, and gives you alternative level layouts to improve replayability.

Verdict: This is a rogue-lite and I love it. Replayability takes a little hit because the gameplay tends to get a little stale after a while. But it's a fun game regardless.

Familiarity: I had played this game before though it's been a long time

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