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Dear diary, the game I is called "Freedom Planet".


Freedom Planet

You are (either) Lilac or Carol, two girls trying to uh... save the Kingdom Stone from the bad people.

This is a straightforward platformer with good and fleshed out graphics that's very much in the style of Sonic. There's a creepily lot from Sonic, actually.

The game has a solid story line, large levels, many secrets, and bosses to beat. Everything you'd want from a platformer.

My main beef would be that it's a bit too easy and the levels are long without offering me a good reason for being long. But mind you, I'll say teh same about the Sonic franchise. So take it with a grain of salt.

Verdict: It's a solid platform game with excellent graphics and on par with the Sonic games. For that same reason not exactly my cup of tea, but that's mostly because of the way I tend play these games.

Familiarity: I played through the first world and only then discovered the recording software was in fact not recording. Not played before that though.

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