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Dear diary, the game I is called "Coin Crypt".


Coin Crypt

This is basically a dungeon crawler, just not in a dungeon, where you duel monsters with coins. The coins double as abilities during a fight as well as currency for various stuff.

The graphics are a bit voxely but they work well together. The gameplay is a bit fast paced and so there's not a whole lot of time to fully explore a level or take your time during fights.

The game offers many characters and things to unlock though and seems to be properly implemented. The combat system is too paced for my liking and you're basically button mashing, in the form of quickly clicking coins, rather than making properly designed strategic decisions. And that's very unfortunate.

Collecting the coins and building a good "desck" of coin (cards) is fun for me, but in this game the coins are spent immediately, whether in a fight or a sale, so the deck building part of it feels a bit moot.

Verdict: It's a good game. Graphcis are nice and content seems plenty. I could do without the time pressure though, both on the overworld and in a fight, to apply more strategy. But I guess you can't have it all.

Familiarity: Not played before

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