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Dear diary, the game I is called "Deadnaut".



You're the captain of a spaceship and are managing a squad of deadnauts that board derelict spaceships for loot and profit and glory. Unfortunately they're not abandoned. The term "deadnaut" is well fitting.

This seems to be a squad based game with curious interface. Rather than seeing your squad directly as with most of these games, you see them on a scanner on a screen. This does make control a bit more of a pain than usual, combined with the real-time combat. Though frankly I didn't even check for a pause button.

For my first attempt, having no idea what to do, I just used the squad as is and survived for a few rooms before dying. The second time I spent some time in squad management, only to die nearly immediately uppon boarding. So yeah, there's a challenge.

However, I'm really drawn by the interface and am going to try and play this game some more, get better at the combat and such. I think the game can be interesting and hope there's quite a bit of content to work with. There seems to be more to it than just looting random spaceships.

The game could do with some better (ingame) introductions though. There are some but they are very minimalistic. Feels like they could do better with that.

Verdict: I'm intrigued. I really liked the game despite being slaughtered twice, with hardly anything explored at all. The interface is strange but feels interesting. Game looks and handles nice. I think I just have to get used to the controls a little better. And know thy enemy...

Familiarity: Not played before.

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