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Dear diary, the game I is called "Knytt Underground".


Knytt Underground

You play a dumb girl. Dumb in the sense that she cannot talk. You want your voice back and have to find a well of fairies.

It's a pretty game with a large story line to explore. Levels seem to be built up properly, although it's not a metrovanian insofar that stuff you collect does not give you new skills.

Additional skills, required for solving pathing puzzles, are in the form of one-time use powers. You pick up this power, which nearly immediately recharges, and have to use it within a few seconds before it fizzles away.

Verdict: It's a good platformer with nice graphics, good control, and a solid story line. The puzzles are light but at the same time not too easy.

Familiarity: Played this a while before but remember little of it

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