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Dear diary, the game I is called "Anoxemia".



You're ATMA, a diving drone, and you're guiding a diver that crashed and burnt his submarine. Even though this probably means his death he's still set on completing his mission of collecting plants. And so you do.

This is a diving game where you control a drone which guides a diver. It's kind of a back-seat steering of the main character, if you will. The main character is the one that does most of the collecting and you can only steer him.

The game looks pretty, there appears to be plenty of content and a story line that actually works well. The game can be quite unforgiving at some points though, like a robot or poison that instagibs you with little warning. Well okay the poison had a warning.

Verdict: This looks like a good game. There's plenty of content and good looking graphics. Player control works quite well and you're set to explore vast bodies of water.

Familiarity: Not really played this before

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