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Dear diary, the game I is called "Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic".


Pixel Heroes:
Byte & Magic

You're in a tavern assembling a party. You get picked and set out to uncover dungeons and loot. You fight, pillage, and bring home the treasure. Life is good.

This is an rpg that plays pretty nice. You get to select a squad out of a bunch of characters. Not sure if you can unlock even more, but who knows. Once assembled you go on dungeon quests and fight monsters in classic party style.In the video I skipped much of the village so I'm not sure how much more content and interaction there might be but it's already a lot from what I've seen.

The downside I can mention is that it's a bit unclear what all the symbols mean. Some are obvious, like the generic icon for poison, but there are many more that are not so obvious. Perhaps there's some kind of codex though, that would be nice.

Verdict: Lot's of content, pixel artsy, random story line, dungeon exploring, simple gameplay. Still you have lots of choices to make and it's not just fighting mobs over and over again, so that's nice too. Not sure if I'd call it a rogue-like, but perhaps that's too nitpicky.

Familiarity: Never partied with these folks, might party some more...