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Dear diary, the game I is called "Bridge Constructor Medieval".


Bridge Constructor

You're an architect. You're hired by the king to reconstruct his bridges so that he can get supplies in and defeat his enemies.

As far as bridge builder games go, this one is very pretty. Building bridges and so forth is on par with the genre, I guess.

There is a story line that's had quite some work and it works well. On top of that the bridges are under attack which is something I hadn't seen before in a bridge builder game, so that was very refreshing. For a moment the story line seemed to hint at more, a tower defense-ish angle, but sadly that didn't happen in my play through.

As for drawbacks, well they are minor. The biggest one would be that the game can't be sped up. Since you have no control over what happens during the trials, it seems to me like a speed up button would only make sense. Apart from that the characters that run over your bridge are very static and don't respond to falling at all. They just walk, on thin air if they must. The camera can't be tilted, which is sub-par for the genre.

The game does have fuzzy goals, meaning that in some levels, if you can get half your men across you'll still achieve victory. Also, if your bridge crashes down completely but you get your men across, you'll win. Unrealistic, but fun.

Verdict: It's a great bridge builder game. Superior graphics with on par gameplay and a destruction angle that I haven't really seen in other bridge builder games before.

Familiarity: Had not served the king before, maaay build one more bridge. One more.